The Polo Laboratory team, linked to the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), produced in the last two weeks about 450 face shield masks by 3D printing. The material was made possible by donations made in the campaign opened by the Polo in partnership with the Stemmer Foundation for Research, Development and Innovation (Feesc) to raise funds for the manufacture of facial protectors and the maintenance of equipment necessary to fight the COVID pandemic. -19.

Facial protection equipment, with laser cutting and machining, and repair services will benefit the University Hospital (HU) and health institutions in Greater Florianópolis. “No HU equipment has been repaired yet, but we are in permanent contact with the hospital's maintenance and engineering team,” said Professor Jader Barbosa Jr, from Laboratório Polo, created in 1982 and today considered a world reference in research, development and innovation in refrigeration and thermophysics.

Donations from Individuals or Legal Entities can be made in a checking account in the name of Feesc. For the foundation to issue receipts to donors, it is necessary to forward the deposit slip to the following e-mail Even though Feesc is a non-profit institution, companies or individuals cannot use these donations in order to obtain tax benefits.


In addition, the Polo has also teamed up with the Emergency Medical Equipment (EME) team to manufacture respirators and mechanical fans. EME is a multidisciplinary, collaborative, voluntary and independent group formed in Mechanical Engineering at UFSC and which has more than 120 participants, including professors, administrative technical staff and students at UFSC. “We are supporting the design of the ventilators and respirators in the design and testing stages,” explains Professor Jader.

Contacts for financial donations or equipment and supplies for the manufacture of fans can also be made by e-mail “The contributions have helped us a lot to do what we are willing to do. But, obviously, it would be nice if we had more resources, mainly to help this initiative of EME fans ”, reinforced Professor Jader.

Bank details for financial donation are as follows:

Bank of Brazil

Agency 3582-3 - Public

Current account 203.013-6

Name: Teaching and Engineering Foundation of Santa Catarina

CNPJ: 82.895.327 / 0001-33



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