Cooling Systems - Polo & Whirlpool
Cooling Systems - Polo & Whirlpool

Polo's cooling systems team was last september 5 at Whirlpool, Joinville, to present the results so far obtained on the current project being held with the company, whose objectives range from studies on icemaking to the investigation of the applicability of microchannel evaporators, both in domestic refrigerators. The meeting was extended to Whirlpool's global cooling and simulation team, with representatives from all regions of the globe, who participated and brought valuable input to the discussions.

Polo already has an uninterrupted 22-year partnership with Whirlpool that is expected to be extended for many years to come. The systems group has just closed a new project with the company to start later this year, further strengthening the partnership and innovative research being developed through this cooperation, which will be supported by EMBRAPII.

According to Prof. Christian Hermes, the meeting not only consolidated the Polo-Whirlpool partnership but also emerged collaborative activities that push the boundaries of knowledge and set new technological standards for a highly innovative and competitive industry sector.

The enduring partnership is the result of a major effort to address knowledge gaps, permeated by the company's relentless pursuit of improving the lives of its customers through refrigeration excellence, said Arthur Marcon, Whirlpool's Cooling Engineer.


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