Our projects on Cooling Systems are coordinated by Professor Cláudio Melo, an expert in this field.

A cooling system for mechanical vapor compression has four main components: compressor, condenser, expansion device and evaporator. Knowing these components and how they interact with each other and with their own refrigerated cabinet is of utmost importance to assess the cooler's performance, not only with regard to energy consumption, but also the environment and the costs involved.

In this context, POLO has several lines of research, both numeric and experimental, ranging from simulations aimed at optimizing cycle components and improve product performance as a whole, the studies related to measuring the leakage rate of air through gaskets of the door and the presence of non-condensable gases in the flow, for example. The laboratory also has several experimental stands which allow the evaluation of natural refrigerants, new concepts defrosting trays, new strategies of electronic controls, the use of phase separators in the cycle, the effect of the pair charging capillary refrigerant-pipe, the effectiveness of the thermal insulation of walls, etc.