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Domestic refrigerators are basically composed of the following main components: compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion device. In the Brazilian market, most products are manufactured with capacitors type wire-on-tube due to its simplicity and low cost. In other markets such as Asia, for example, another type of capacitor denomidado the skin type is widely used. In this type of exchanged heat, condenser tubes are attached to the outer wall of the cooler by adhesive tapes. Thus, the own external walls act as fins and enhance the heat rejection process to the external environment.

POLO develops a project to understand and optimize the performance of the skin type used in domestic refrigerators condensers, through a numerical simulation and experimental approach. To this end, manufactured 8 is frost-free refrigerators identical with different variations in construction parameters skin capacitors. It ranged the diameter of the condenser tubes, the condenser length, the position thereof on the outer wall and the type of tape holding the same external walls. Thus, you can assess the impact of these parameters on product performance and create an experimental database that provides validation of the numerical model to be developed. Finally, the numerical simulation model will serve as a design tool for designing this type of exchanger, which has often been developed by trial-and-error method.



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