Innovative Technologies in Refrigeration

The Brazilian Enterprise for Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII) was created to promote industrial innovation. EMBRAPII recognizes opportunities in the integration between research institutions and industrial companies, aiming at strengthening their technological potential. EMBRAPII’s mission is to support technical and research institutions in specific areas so they can develop R&D&I projects in cooperation with companies in the industrial sector.

In 2014, POLO was accredited by EMBRAPII to develop R&D&I projects in the areas of Cooling and Thermophysics.  The strategic areas of the EMBRAPII unit on Innovative Refrigeration Technologies are: Emerging Technologies, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact, Acoustic Comfort, Reliability of Components and Cooling Systems, and Evaluation and Certification.

POLO is financially supported by EMBRAPII to develop, together with the industrial sector, innovative projects related to products and processes.

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In the video below, Prof. Cláudio Melo comments on the ease that the EMBRAPII model provides:


What is EMBRAPII? Learn more in the video below: