Visual identity is the process of defining and unifying a set of images, colors, symbols, logos, fonts, and visual patterns that will graph a specific institution and has as main objectives to convey the image of the graphic brand of the organization and improve visual standardization of documents, institutional graphic pieces, among others

 Maintaining the visual identity created for POLO depends on the correct and consistent application of the brand, logo, colors and typography. The manual contains all the necessary information  for the use of the Visual Identity specifications in various situations.

 The brand POLO is based on the ellipse shape, which refers to the motion of two spheres in the center joining the POLO brand, written in italics form referring speed and robust sources representing a strong base which is formed by a large team of students, teachers and doctors working for the technology.

   POLO's institutional colors are blue and orange. Blue and black were defined for the background colours. The main use will be white background. The typeface Futura Bk BT was chosen in order to balance the brand font designed especially for POLO, a robust source, married to a more foni and both sans serif title. The titles of these sources may also be used in italics, depending on the application situation.

    For questions about using the Visual Identity correctly, please contact us by phone: +55 (48) 3721.7929 or by e-mail .

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