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Due to its versatility in transport, ease of removal for replacement and ease of access to system components, the cassettes for light cooling have gained increasingly significant space in the consumer market. In the tape project, is seeking solutions that present maximum efficiency and minimum volume. The development of cassettes is typically performed in the product, which makes the process expensive, since the number of uncontrolled variables is high.

In order to assess the performance of the tape independent of product characteristics such as refrigerated cabinet and control logic, POLO developed a calorimeter that simulates the case of the product, but with a strict control of operating conditions. The calorimeter is basically composed of the following parts, as shown: (i) Polyurethane chamber, (ii) coupling tape-calorimeter, and (iii) insufflation duct. The calorimeter operating limits are maximum dimensions of the refrigeration cassette 530 mm x 330 mm; maximum pressure variation between insufflation and return 125 Pa; and maximum power dissipated by the resistances of 1874 W. The calorimeter was constructed to meet the requirements of standards SE-SP-200/201 and SE-PR-202-204, which establish performance evaluation criteria for the cassettes with respect the cooling capacity and coefficient of performance for environments at different temperatures and relative humidities.



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